Skill of the Week | Septembre #2 – 2012 | Sergio Busquets [Barcelona]

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Sergio Busquets Goal ~ Barcelona vs AC Milan 2 0 HD 06 11 2013

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Del Bosque Asked To Stay

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By Liam, July 16, 2014 8:10 am

Vicente Del Bosque, the man who oversaw Spain’s disastrous campaign in the FIFA World Cup 2014, has been asked to stay at his post.

La Roja are going to start a rebuilding phase and the higher officials of the Spanish association doesn’t want to make too many changes in the coaching staff at such a crucial time. They want Del Bosque to remain in charge and get the young players, who would come into the team, ready for the next Euro Championships.

Quite a few of the senior players of the Spanish side are set to announce their retirement after what happened in Brazil. So, Del Bosque’s job is not going to be easy at all in the next couple of years.

Del Bosque is a trusted man of the Spanish association. A few months ago, he was reported to have got a couple of lucrative offers from overseas, but, he had rejected them to keep working with the La Roja set up. So, he seems to have been rewarded for his faithfulness by not being sacked.

The Spanish team that Del Bosque is going to be in charge of now would be largely inexperienced, but, there would be some senior guys in there. The likes of Sergio Busquets and Diego Costa would continue in all likelihood.

As far as the goalie Iker Casillas is concerned, he himself has to make a call whether he wants to remain active in international football or not. The association believes that he can still contribute. So, if he doesn’t retire, he would be kept in the mix.

That means Del Bosque will certainly have some experience to work with, but, mostly, he will have to deal with young players. Let’s see if he can bring the glory of Spanish football back in two years’ time.

Sergio Busquets ● Brilliant Player

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Xabi Alonso clatters Sergio Busquets (Barcelona vs Real Madrid) (Supercopa de España) (23-Ago-12)

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Busquets Denies Assault

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By admin, May 23, 2014 12:01 pm

Even though the evidences are against him, Sergio Busquets is not ready to admit that he had put his foot on the head of the goalkeeper of Real Madrid (Pepe) in the El Clasico match which was played a few days ago.

Busquets has been getting criticized by a number of people for that incident. One of his national teammates Iker Casillas has even gone on to say that he would give the midfielder a slap the next time he meets him.

According to Busquets, he might have gone close to the goalie, but, he definitely didn’t crush his head.

Speaking to the press, the Spain international said, “I would never want to do that by purpose and I am sure nothing like that happened. Yes, it’s possible that I would have gone fairly close to Pepe, but, stepping on him? No, I don’t think I did that.”

“If his head had come under my boot, he would have had an ugly mark of that and he would be hurting.”
“You know what it’s all being created by the media and it’s not new over here. The media always acts in this fashion and unfortunately, they manage to get what they desire.”

The picture of the incident that has gone viral on internet definitely shows that Pepe’s head was under Busquets’ foot at a certain point of time, but, it can’t be concluded from that picture that the Spaniard did it intentionally. He is looking somewhere else. Thus, it’s very much possible that the incident would have happened just by mistake.

Real Madrid eventually went on to win that final match by a close margin of 2-1 and claimed their first title of the ongoing season i.e. the Copa Del Rey.