Sergio Busquets: “we’ve learnt our lesson from last year”

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Sergio Busquets the octopus of Badia

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Busquets Calls Manchester City Losers

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Sergio Busquets (Barcelona midfielder) called the Manchester City football club losers after Manuel Pellegrini (manager of Manchester City) blamed Jonas Eriksson (Swedish referee) for the defeat that Manchester City had to face in a match against Barcelona on the 19th of February, 2014.

Manuel Pellegrini doubted the honesty of Jonas Eriksson and suggested in his comments against the referee that the game between Manchester City and Barcelona was extremely significant for Eriksson because he was an official who belongs to Scotland.

Martin Demichelis (defender of Manchester City) was sent off the field by Eriksson and a penalty was awarded to Barcelona because of which Barcelona was able to score its first goal. It was due to this reason, that Manuel Pellegrini became absolutely angry and criticized Jonas Eriksson’s decision.

According to Sergio Busquets, mistakes are committed by the referees many times. Sometimes the mistakes might benefit you or harm you. But putting forward excuses just because the team lost a match is common phenomenon among the losers.

Pellegrini has come under the radar of UEFA which is carrying out an investigation to evaluate the press conferences, in which Pellegrini has participated after the match took place on the 19th of February, 2014. On the basis of the investigation, disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against Pellegrini.

In the opinion of Manuel Pellegrini, Jonas Eriksson was impartial and a Swedish referee should not have been appointed for such a significant football match. He thinks that a more experienced referee should have been selected for the match.

Vice-President of FIFA- Jim Boyce said that he had seen the match between Barcelona and Manchester City and he thought that the referee did very well. According to Boyce, Eriksson is a knowledgeable and an impartial referee because of which he has been selected for umpiring the World Cup matches as well.

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Busquets Skeptical About Celtic

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During the press conference that took place before Barcelona was going to compete against Celtic on 11th December, 2013, the midfielder of Catalan- Sergio Busquets made it clear that he is a little skeptical about Celtic. Although Celtic do not have the chances to qualify even if they win the match against Barcelona, the team will try its level best to give a good performance.

Busquets was of the opinion that Barcelona had learnt a lesson last year that Celtic has its own unique method of playing soccer which is quite different from Barcelona’s style of playing. It is very important that Barcelona gets a goal fast, otherwise Celtic has the ability to make it difficult for the team, added Busquets at the press conference.

If a draw occurs between Barcelona and Celtic then Barcelona will become group winners to qualify for the subsequent round. However, Busquets said that Barcelona will try its level best to perform well and win the match.

In relation to Barcelona’s style of playing, Busquets said that it cannot be changed because of the current players that the team is made up of and comparing their present performance with the past seasons of Champion League is difficult.

Sergio Busquets dispelled all criticism laid against Barcelona’s performance and insisted that now is not the time to judge them and their performance because the season is still left and the team will make sure that they work hard to give tough competition to the other teams in the subsequent few months.

Busquets was asked about the individual awards that he has missed and he said that his teammate value him and that matters. Thus he is happy. He also dismissed all rumours about a new contract by saying that he has made a new agreement and that he is content being a part of Barcelona.